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Foundational Commitments


We are God’s Rainbow Christian Academy distinguish it as an institution to test new methods of learning

through practicing new approach through physical wellness, environmental gardening and the care of

livestock animals. The core values to which the Board of Directors is committed and for which it’s responsible on behalf of present and future challenges are likewise to be responsible and responsive for implementing policies and practices which allow our children to experience with Nature.


Christian Worldview


WE believe that every aspect of our children’s education must be founded upon biblical truth. WE believe that the focal point of all that is, has been and ever will be is the person of Jesus Christ. WE believe that the education of our children begins with the reality that God reveals Himself not only especially in His Word, but also generally in every component of His Creation. Inducted in this way all knowledge interrelated and teaches us about God’s character, wisdom and power. Ultimately reality exists only in HIM, the Creator and Sustainer of all things which only can be understood as it relates to Him, the God of all creation. WE believe therefore that every aspect of our children’s education must be intentionally grounded in and integrated on Biblical principles.


Character Building-Wisdom and Virtue WE believe that true education culminates in wise and virtuous students who are being conformed to the image of Christ. We seek true wisdom that begins with the fear of the Lord, and is rooted in the Scripture, and encompasses all of human experience. We strive that virtue which will be reflecting in moral excellence, expressing itself in faithful obedience to God, and demonstrated in loving others.


God-Honoring Excellence


At God’s Rainbow Christian Academy we teach and learn to be excellence unto the Lord. All the instruction encourages our students to love and honor God throughout all their academics endeavors. 

WE employ gifted teachers who possess a passion for learning, for teaching and for our Lord Jesus Christ. Our desire is to develop students whose passion for learning will equipped them for their future callings.


Forming Good Habits is pivotal in shaping hearts and minds through practicing, routines, memorization, hands-on research projects, livestock care, planting and caring for an organic garden shaping in this way new ideas and knowledge, inviting our children to discover and admire God’s creation.


Parental Skills Center group meetings


We seek to assist parents in their God given task of educating their children in the Lord. WE believe that God has granted the parents the responsibilities and the authority for raising and educating their children. God’s Rainbow Christian Academy purposes to be an extension of the home, in small groups, teachers are agents and servants to parents, committing to fostering a supportive like minded environment helping parents to bring up their children “in the discipline and instruction of the Lord Jesus Christ.”


Engaged and Committed to School Community:  WE believe parents should actively participate in the life and community of the school. Our children participate in yearly activities which involves nationwide agencies.


Engaged and Committed School Community: We believe parents should actively participate in the life and community of the school.  As we strive to cultivate wisdom, virtue and eloquence through the pursuit of truth, goodness, and beauty in the lives of the students, we anticipate that our parents grow in the same way. Our desire is to reflect God’s Kingdom in its racial, ethnic, and economic empower to exemplify unity in the body of Christ through support and mutual cooperation.

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