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About Us

Our Priority is Your Child



We exist to glorify God by cultivating truth, goodness, and beauty in students through a distinctly Christ centered educational environment.

Here at God's Rainbow, we are passionate about our students and the honorable ladies and gentlemen they will become in the future.  We are honored and blessed to have each student here and work diligently towards creating an environment that they can truly learn and grow from spiritually, physically and academically.  Every effort placed towards each student assures their ability to process what they've learned here and apply it towards their daily lives. We continue to love, encourage and educate each child as if they were our own through integrating nature, academic's and Biblical principles to create a broader learning experience.  We want to raise children who are aware of their surroundings and respect others and their environment as part of God's beautiful and unique gift to them as they are to us.


God’s Rainbow Christian Academy aims to graduate young men and women who:


  • Love God with all their hearts, soul, mind and strength;


  • To evaluate all human knowledge and experience in the light of the Scriptures;


  • To be equipped to engage and shape the culture with the Truth of the Gospel;


  • To listen carefully, reason soundly, speak precisely, and articulate persuasively;


  • To master a core body of knowledge and are capable of discussing great ideas;


  • Possess a lifelong passion for learning and know how to apply the tools of learning;


  • Lead and serve with humility, gratitude and grace.

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